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High quality Green Laser Pointer Light

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High-quality Green Laser Pointer Light

  • It Is Used To Point At Any Desired Target On Projection Screen, Video, Can Be Used For Presentation, Teaching Indicator etc
  • With Star Lamp Cap, It Can Show Variable Wonderful Patterns At Night. When Take Off The Cap, It Is A Single Beam Pointer Pen.
  • Across The Sky, Leading You To Find The Stars In The Clear Nights
  • Lightweight, Suitable For Putting In Your Pocket Or Handbags, Easy And Convenient To Bring
  • This High-Quality Laser Pointer Adopts The Latest Technology Optics And Microelectronics
  • Designed With Green Color Light, Which Is Easier For You To Find The Target And Out light The Key Point
  • The Copper At The End Is Fixed By Aluminium Sheet, Which Avoids Short-circuit
  • Colour: Blue


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