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Canto Electronic Keyboard Piano 37 Keys

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Canto Electronic Keyboard Piano 37 Keys

  • Product Type: Music piano
  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Electronic Piano
  • Large scale integration
  • Eight different voices/Eight kinds of rhythm

KEYBOARD: Main keys to playing (37 keys); ON/OFF: Power switch; STOP/PAUSE: For Pausing or Stopping the tune ; MICROPHONE MODE: For the audio input option

SPEAKERS: For the sound output; DRUM-SHIFT: For the drum effect; VOLUME CONTROL: For controlling the volume (UP / DOWN); TEMPO: For the tempo settings

DEMO ONE/ DEMO ALL: For the demo sound music; TUNE SELECTION: Selecting the multi-tune from the options (Piano, Organ tone button); TUNE COMBINATION: For combining the tunes in one play; Rhythms: Selecting the 8 available rhythms


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